Water is a foundational element to life on Earth. As competition for water resources grows due to greater socio-economic demand, the water system is experiencing significant changes in availability, accessibility and quality. In particular, businesses are beginning to experience the financial impacts associated with the degradation of water resources and ecosystems which, in combination with climate-related risks, create systemic risk to the financial system. 

With an increasing understanding of the risks to the financial system and to broader society, more regulators are prioritising mainstream disclosure of climate and environmental information in an effort to drive action and to prevent significant environmental degradation. At present, there is an information deficit for stakeholders and investors on the reporting of water-related risks and opportunities that are financially material to an entity that are disclosed via mainstream report. This shortfall in high quality, decision-useful water-related information means that investors are unable allocate capital that can effectively instigate change and ensure resilience across economies and societies.

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